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Children Who Need Sponsors

Here are just a few children who are available for student sponsorship. Your support will allow them to get an education so they can escape the cycle of poverty. Please review their profiles and let us know if you want to help with their schooling through a sponsorship that will pay for transportation to school, purchase of uniforms, books, tuition or other school related expenses by clicking on the “SPONSOR A CHILD” button below.

Once you’ve chosen the indigent child you would like to sponsor, we will send you a more detailed student profile. At that point, we will start your student sponsorship based on a $20/month donation for K-10 students, $25/month for 11th and 12th graders, or $40/month for college students. You can choose to donate the entire amount for the year or make a monthly donation for 12 months.

We will send you a reminder one month prior to your annual sponsorship renewal in hopes that you will opt to continue your sponsorship of your student(s). Your commitment means the world to these children and, in turn, they strive to honor your participation in their education.

For more information regarding our sponsorship program, please contact us at or call 801.613.8189.