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filipino dumpsite

Daily Life in Payatas

The city of Payatas, located Northeast of Manila, lies on the outskirts of the bustling metropolitan capital. This area has gradually been transformed into a waste site due to the urbanization and growth of the surrounding cities. Payatas is densely populated with residents living in maze-like housing structures made from the recycled materials of the adjacent landfill.

Payatas villagers experience the perpetual smell of rancid garbage and bio-gas, and reside at the base of the dumpsite, which is burdened by seeping fluids and hazardous byproducts of the waste. Many residents will make a living by collecting and separating various materials from the garbage, which are then exchanged for a few hundred pesos (pennies on the dollar). Their earnings can barely afford clean water, food, rent, and other necessities. Often times children are employed from an early age, just to make do for their families. The people of Payatas are resilient and industrious; given their hardships, they commercialize recycled products, clean their community, and do any additional work to survive. In order to remediate the destitution in these communities, it is our mission to support the people of Payatas.

Due to the deterioration of this area over the past decade, sustainable living conditions are becoming obsolescent. Nonetheless, the residents remain upbeat and hopeful for a better future. Testimonies from the villagers depict moments of enjoyment and appreciation of the smaller things in life, which many people take for granted. Watching the sunrise, creating art, and exercising are some activities that make life more satisfying for these individuals. With your help we can educate and empower these people, fostering a skilled workforce that would promote healthier lifestyles and allow them to live comfortably in their communities.