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Our Programs

Philippines Humanitarian offers the following programs that are intended to support our mission of providing indigent children with the opportunity to get an education as a way to escape poverty:

Child Sponsorship

For an enriching experience, you can pledge to sponsor an individual child throughout their school years. Sponsored students communicate with their benefactors, giving you a chance to personally see how your donation is making a difference in their lives. You will receive regular updates, photos, letters, and report cards from your child about how they are progressing in the program.

College Scholarships

Scholarships are offered to students who have successfully completed grades K-12 and meet the rigorous criteria developed by our Board of Directors. The scholarship of up to $500/year is awarded to deserving students to help with college fees, books and transportation to school. Please note that recipients of these scholarships are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Must reside in Payatas or Macabud.
  • Family income must be at or below poverty level.
  • Academic performance must be at 1.5 or below.
  • Contingent on interview with Philippines Humanitarian-approved NGO.

PH Cafe (Feeding Program)

PH Cafe was created to provide one meal a day for children in the areas we serve. Sometimes, this is the only meal they receive for the day. The meals are provided for any children who are hungry and willing to stand in line for their daily ration. The children do not have to be part of the Philippines Humanitarian program to receive a meal.

Amelia’s Pantry (Disaster Relief)

The Philippines is located in the Ring of Fire, a region where many natural disasters occur. Amelia’s Pantry was established to help victims of typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that are common in the Philippines.

Unrestricted Donation

You choose to have your donation used for what is most needed in the program.