Care Packages

Twice a year, we collect items for the essential needs of impoverished families and send them to the Philippines in Balikbayan boxes (see definition below). Most donors come by our office at 124 South 400 East, Suite 400, Salt Lake City to drop off their donations during the Balikbayan boxes drive (usually held for 2 days in the Spring and Fall). Others choose to make monetary donations via check or online. We also created a list of suggested items on Amazon that you can purchase and ship to our office in Salt Lake City.

What is it?

A Balikbayan box is a corrugated box measuring 24”x18”x24” which we use to send needed supplies to the communities we’re helping in the Philippines. Balikbayan boxes are duty- and tax-free and are, therefore, the preferred way to send packages to the Philippines. Additionally, they are delivered directly (door to door) to the recipient. It is the most secure way to send supplies to our students and their families.

How does it work?

In the past, we’ve sent up to 10 boxes (depending on the amount of donated supplies we receive) twice a year: in April before school starts and again in October before the holidays. Many donors choose to send personal gifts to their students to include with these shipments. These donors are instructed to make sure they label their packages with their names and their student’s names.

Items to donate:

Food Supplies*
Canned goods
Packaged (boxed) goods

School Supplies
Arts and crafts materials
USB/Flash drive
Ball pens
Pencil case/pouch
Correction fluid
Pocket portfolios

Personal Care*
Nail cutter
Hand sanitizers
Battery-powered fan (mini)

Batteries (AA and AAA)
Board games (not video or electronic games)

*Perishable foods and liquid items (such as shampoo, etc.) should not be sent in these boxes.