Amelia’s Pantry

A combination of our Disaster Relief program and the PH Café, Amelia’s Pantry provides meals and groceries to impoverished students and their families. Named after our founder, Amelia’s Pantry acknowledges just how difficult it is to learn on an empty stomach. Five days a week, we provide daily meals to the children in Payatas, and every month, we distribute grocery rations to over 100 children and their families in the remote village of Macabud. Amelia’s Pantry is implemented by our invaluable NGO partner in the Philippines, the Kapatidkita Mahalkita Foundation. Those served do not need to be a part of our Student Sponsorship Program.

In 2022, Philippines Humanitarian provided more than 18,000 meals and distributed 438 grocery rations to 73 families with 104 children.