Our Partner

KapatidKita MahalKita Foundation

KM staff
KKMK Foundation staff Jen Cesneros, Jing Cabug-os, Shiela Rivera, and Eva Aquino

Philippines Humanitarian’s programs are successful because of our more than 20-year partnership with the fully accredited and certified NGO, KapatidKita MahalKita Foundation. The name means “My Sibling, I Love You,” and it reflects the Foundation’s compassionate approach to their work. Located in Metro Manila near the village of Payatas, the Foundation is headed by Program Director Eva Aquino, who runs a tight ship to ensure the NGO meets all accreditation and certification requirements. Ms. Aquino and her team work tirelessly to identify eligible families who need our help, provide support to students in our programs, and ensure that sponsorship and scholarship funds are properly distributed.

Watch a video about the work of our NGO partner in the Philippines