Balikbayan Box Collection Drive


Spring 2024

Balikbayan Box Collection Drive

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2024 Spring Collection Drive!

In May, we shipped four Balikbayan Boxes jam-packed with school supplies, food, and student gifts. We also raised almost $1,000, all which will be used by the KapatidKita MahalKita Foundation in the Philippines to purchase needed items for the students in our programs.

Unique to the Philippines, the 24”x18”x24” balikbayan boxes are duty and tax free, and are the most secure way to send needed supplies to our students. Every spring, we hold a collection drive for school supplies, personal care items, non-perishable foods, gifts, and other essentials, which are shipped directly to our NGO partner for distribution.

Anyone may donate general items from the wish list below. If you sponsor a student, our Balikbayan Box Drive is your opportunity to safely send a personal gift or letter directly to your sponsored child. For gifts, please label your item with the child’s name to ensure it reaches them.

Other options for donating to the Balikbayan Box Drive

You may make an online donation, and we will forward the funds to our NGO partner so they can shop for food and supplies for our families. Please choose “BBBox Contribution” as the purpose of your donation.

Sponsors may also make a financial gift to their students. Please choose “Student Gifts” as the purpose of your donation and include your student’s name, instructions, and/or message in the Notes field.

Please note: Our office is located in a commercial building that is open during office hours only. We cannot take delivery on weekends or after hours.

Food Supplies*
Canned goods
Packaged (boxed) goods

School Supplies
Arts and crafts materials
USB/Flash drive
Ball pens
Pencil case/pouch
Correction fluid
Pocket portfolios

Personal Care*
Nail cutter
Hand sanitizers
Battery-operated fan (mini)

Batteries (AA and AAA)
Board games (not video or electronic games)

*Perishable foods and liquid items (such as shampoo, etc.) should not be sent in these shipping boxes.