Amelia S. Hernandez College Scholarship

Named after our founder, the ASH Scholarship fund gives recipients the financial resources necessary to pursue additional studies that may eventually lead to higher paying jobs in fields such as teaching, engineering, and social work.

Each year, we receive applications from eligible students. The scholarship is awarded to students who meet certain criteria: outstanding academic performance, living below the poverty level, a good command of the English language, community volunteer experience, and a commitment to pay it forward. At this time, we are only considering applications from students from Payatas and Macabud.

For the 2023-2024 school year, Philippines Humanitarian awarded our largest number of ASH scholarships ever — 25 students received full scholarships of $400 each and 9 students received partial scholarships. Our 34 ASH scholars join 67 other college students who are part of our Student Sponsorship Program. We are so proud of the 101 students who are working towards their college degrees with the help of Philippines Humanitarian and our generous donors.

ASH Scholarship Winners for School Year 2023-24:

$400 Full Scholarship

Jemahbelle A. 1st year
Sharie Marie A. 2nd year
Karen B. 1st year
Mary Cris B. 4th year
Andrei B. 1st year
Janielle C. 2nd year
Melody C. 4th year
Krystel D. 1st year
Mary Joy D. 1st year

Shella Mae D. 2nd year
Harvey E. 1st year
Mary E. 1st year
Rhea G. 4th year
Jay I. 4th year
Laurence L. 2nd year
Chris M. 2nd year
Lenedy M. 1st year
Mary O. 4th year

Kyle Marie P. 2nd year
Jomar R. 2nd year
Albert S. 3rd year
Gerald S. 2nd year
Andrea T. 1st year
Sharmaine T. 4th year
Lyka Y. 3rd year

Partial Scholarship

Jelian A. 1st year
Sophia A. 3rd year
Diane Grace C. 4th year
Jia C. 3rd year
Myka L. 2nd year

Roumer L. 1st year
Joanna M. 3rd year
Shane M. 2nd year
Ricaella S. 2nd year